Pain Specialist, Dr. Ted Jones, Brings
DeepStream VR to Help His Patients

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“We’ve seen great potential for VR for use what chronic pain. As we have begun to offer trials of it to our patients, they uniformly rave about how much they like it and how it helps their pain. One patient with crippling hand and arm pain came in on a Monday describing how she had overdone it on the weekend and was in significantly increased pain – so much so she couldn’t do any of the physical therapy that was planned for the day. So we gave her a short five minute session with VR. She was amazed. Even though she couldn’t use her hands to operate the mouse due to pain, just being in the virtual world and looking around soothed her pain. She said her hand and arm pain was substantially decreased during and after the session and she was feeling much better. The following week she returned to say that the decreased pain effect had lasted for several days afterwards.”

Dr. Ted Jones
Clinical Psychologist
Pain Consultants of East Tennessee