VR that’s Seriously Fun (Based on Serious Science)

VR Pain Relief Applications

DeepStream VR experiences tap your brain’s natural power
to help your body overcome physical challenges

Leading hospitals are using DeepStream VR experiences like COOL! to help patients escape and manage pain without drugs. COOL!  transports you on a journey through a beautiful landscape of changing seasons. Meet and play with the creatures who live there. 

What Makes COOL! Special:

  • Each player can find their own mix of active fun and relaxation
  • Endless game play; the user directs how long they want to interact with the VR environment and how they move through it (speed/direction)
  • Flexible system runs with a VR helmet or an immersive 3D screen-based system
  • Biofeedback components enhance mindfulness and resilience training
  • Biosensors help induce flow state by controlling the intensity of the experience to maximize benefits

Study Shows COOL! Significantly Reduced Chronic Pain

Dr. Jones using COOL! for pain relief with a patient.

Dr. Ted Jones of Pain Consultants of East Tennessee, Knoxville, recently achieved impressive results in a study using DeepStream VR’s pain relief application, COOL!, with neuropathic pain patients. Patients reported:

  • pain reductions of 60-70% during the VR treatment
  • 30-50% immediately after treatment
  • This effect lasted up to 48 hours after treatment
  • No patients reported any dizziness, headache or nausea

Dr. Jones concluded “This study supports wider use and further study of VR pain control therapy as an adjunct or potential replacement pain therapy. These findings are especially significant and timely in light of the strong clinical shift away from narcotic drug therapies.”

Ugly Lies The Bone

Lead actress, Mamie Gummer, and the cast of the off-Broadway hit, Ugly Lies The Bone, get their first VR experience with COOL! The play was inspired by the true experiences of Lt. Samuel Brown, who used Virtual Reality to escape the pain and recover from severe battlefield injuries.  Howard Rose, DeepStream VR CEO, gave the cast their first VR experience along with a tough test test, to see how long they could endure the pain of ice cold water without VR, and then with VR. See how they did.