NEW DATA Shows VR Provides Relief for Chronic Pain Patients

A new independent study by Dr. Ted Jones and Dr. James Choo, (Pain Consultants of East Tennessee in Knoxville) and Dr. Todd Moore (U. of Tennessee), shows VR significantly reduced pain chronic nonmalignant pain (CNP) patients. The team announced their results at the American Pain Society Conference 2016 show chronic pain patients using DeepStream VR’s pain relief application, COOL!

Their study showed:

  • pain reductions of 60-70% during the VR treatment
  • 30-50% immediately after treatment
  • This effect lasted up to 48 hours after treatment
  • No patients reported any dizziness, headache or nausea

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The doctors described the importance of the findings: “This study supports wider use and further study of VR pain control therapy as an adjunct or potential replacement to traditional pain therapy. These findings are especially significant and timely in light of the strong clinical shift away from opioid drug therapies.”